Revising a prototype base of testing result

After I tested my egg car, I notice that I should need to work on the wheel of my car  because when my car hits the wall, it’s wheel come of from the stick that is holding on to it. I will fix my wheel by adding an rubber bands on the end of the stick so it can block the wheel when the car hits the wall.

While I started to build my car, I first think of the balloon car I build early this year and that’s how I created the wheel of the car, five straws pass through the CD and a stick in between the straws so the wheels are able to roll while moving. For the body of the car, I think of the Truck, how the based and the side of the truck was the card board and leave the top part open so the egg can go in and out easily. For the sponge, I first put them in front and back of my egg as crumple zones until I saw how other people put the sponge in the front of the car so it will bounce back when it hits the wall and for the seat belts, first I decided to use hot glue to stable the robber band at the seat of the egg but then I realized it will too  tight and might hurt the egg so I decided to glue the stick under the egg and put the rubber band around the egg so it’s removable.

After the testing, I realize that parts of my car was pretty good, such as the sponge I put in the front of my car as crumble zone because while my car hits the wall, the sponge will lower the impact of my car by bouncing back, but there also have something that I still need to work on more, such as the wheels of my car because when my car hits the wall, one of my wheel fall out due by the impact of the collision.

In this project we were asked to create a car that is able to carry an egg and will protect the egg when the car is going through a collision. The car must include two safety features (For example, crumple zones, seats belt, airbag).

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Here are some images of my designs

Egg Cae(sideEgg Car (front)

First photo shows the front of the car, the car is made up of card board, three similar card boards create the chassis of the car and two smaller card board created the back and the front of the car,in this picture the construction is not completed, but the crumple zones will be in front and the back of the car, I will get two more card board to make a space and put small paper ball in the empty space to create the crumple zones. The second photo shows the side of the car and the wheels of the car, wheels of the car are made up of straw and CD and I use a stick to poke a hole through the side of the car to connect the wheels on both sides.

My project is addressing the following criteria of the project constraints, my car is around 10 inches( from the end of the front CD to the end of back CD), my car will have Crumple zones( between the seat of the egg and the and the end of the car.) and seat belts( a stripe stable by pins.) and the CD is able to rotate without the hands touch it.

I designed my car by think about did I build my balloon car, A big box with a straw in between and a wheel on each end of the straw.

A challenges that I might have while I’m building the egg car are the the body of the car is create by the different card board so it’s not stable and the wheel of the car keep on tile while the car is moving because the CD is not completely stable.

Egg Car Challenge (Research)

In order for my car to carry the egg and protect it during the crash. I did some research about the safety feature that will made the egg more safer. One of the safety I will use for my car is “Crumple Zone”, crumble zone is the areas in a car that are use to be crumble in a collision. According to the reading “Crumble Zones”, it said “Crumple zones accomplish two safety goals. They reduce the initial force of the crash, and they redistributes the force before it reach the vehicle’s occupants……That amount of force is spent on bending the frame, so it is never transmitted to the occupants” Which mean, the purpose of the crumble zone is when a car in the crash, crumble zones will take some of the energy cause by the impact and move it to someway else so the occupant’s will be seriously injury.

Another safety feature I will have in my car is the Seat Belts. According to the report from the “National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration”. It said, “Seat belts save approximately 13,000 lives in the United States each year.” Which show seat belt can be very useful on protecting the egg if I had one on my car. The purpose of seat belts is to keep you on your seat when the car come to a quick stop after I have been travel so fast so you don’t fly away. According to the reading “Seat Belts” it state, “The force of the pole would bring the car to an abrupt stop, but your speed would remain the same…. something would have to exert force on you to slow you down.” Which mean, when you are during the car and the car just come to a sudden stop, the force acting on the car is gone, but the force acting on you is still acting on you, and something have to happen to balanced it out  of that force and a seat belts will applies the stopping to your body so that force remain from the car can be balanced.

Egg Car Challenge

In this project, we will be designed and constructing  that will safely carry a raw egg and is able to protect the egg from being damaged by the force create by the impact when the car hit the wall or the other car.

In order to make a better car, which said in the “The Egg Car Challenge- Timeline and Constraints” , “Car must use at least two safety features grounded in evidence from the reading (Crumple Zones,Seat Belts,Airbags, Size and Weight.) Car, must be able to roll smoothly (not slide) down the ramp. Car must have an easily accessible “seat” for an egg. The egg must be able to sit upright,and quickly and easily get in and out the car(Standard row,large eggs will be provided-do NOT bring egg to school). Car can not contain any materials that could shatter into sharp pieces during the crash test (such as glass). Car must be ready for competition by  beginning of class on May 4th.” The reason we use the egg is because egg is like a human’s head, (eggshell be the skull and yolk be the brain) it’s strong on the outside, but also easy to break.So if we use the egg for the crash test and find a way to protect it during the test then we can find the way to protect people’s brain from being damaged during the real car road accident.

In order to build the egg car, I need:

-Straw(which we be use to connect the CDs )

-CD(the wheels)

-Strap(the seat belts)

-Paper Ball( put in front and behind to create crumble zones)

-Car Board (The main part  of the car)

Some limitation we might have with the material we use is that those material might not be as strong and durable as the material we use to build the real car.

A question I have is how can we use force and motion in the project to help us best protect the egg?