In this project we were asked to create a car that is able to carry an egg and will protect the egg when the car is going through a collision. The car must include two safety features (For example, crumple zones, seats belt, airbag).

You can see more about the project on these previous posts in my blog (

Here are some images of my designs

Egg Cae(sideEgg Car (front)

First photo shows the front of the car, the car is made up of card board, three similar card boards create the chassis of the car and two smaller card board created the back and the front of the car,in this picture the construction is not completed, but the crumple zones will be in front and the back of the car, I will get two more card board to make a space and put small paper ball in the empty space to create the crumple zones. The second photo shows the side of the car and the wheels of the car, wheels of the car are made up of straw and CD and I use a stick to poke a hole through the side of the car to connect the wheels on both sides.

My project is addressing the following criteria of the project constraints, my car is around 10 inches( from the end of the front CD to the end of back CD), my car will have Crumple zones( between the seat of the egg and the and the end of the car.) and seat belts( a stripe stable by pins.) and the CD is able to rotate without the hands touch it.

I designed my car by think about did I build my balloon car, A big box with a straw in between and a wheel on each end of the straw.

A challenges that I might have while I’m building the egg car are the the body of the car is create by the different card board so it’s not stable and the wheel of the car keep on tile while the car is moving because the CD is not completely stable.


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