Revising a prototype base of testing result

After I tested my egg car, I notice that I should need to work on the wheel of my car  because when my car hits the wall, it’s wheel come of from the stick that is holding on to it. I will fix my wheel by adding an rubber bands on the end of the stick so it can block the wheel when the car hits the wall.

While I started to build my car, I first think of the balloon car I build early this year and that’s how I created the wheel of the car, five straws pass through the CD and a stick in between the straws so the wheels are able to roll while moving. For the body of the car, I think of the Truck, how the based and the side of the truck was the card board and leave the top part open so the egg can go in and out easily. For the sponge, I first put them in front and back of my egg as crumple zones until I saw how other people put the sponge in the front of the car so it will bounce back when it hits the wall and for the seat belts, first I decided to use hot glue to stable the robber band at the seat of the egg but then I realized it will too  tight and might hurt the egg so I decided to glue the stick under the egg and put the rubber band around the egg so it’s removable.

After the testing, I realize that parts of my car was pretty good, such as the sponge I put in the front of my car as crumble zone because while my car hits the wall, the sponge will lower the impact of my car by bouncing back, but there also have something that I still need to work on more, such as the wheels of my car because when my car hits the wall, one of my wheel fall out due by the impact of the collision.


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