Blog Post 10

Throughout this year, I had transfer from a middle student to a high school, I have learn many new knowledge in all many class. Also, I have learn how to pace myself and turn in all the work need to be done without a teacher chase me down.

When I have my first physics class, I have no idea what is physics and how does it involve in our everyday life but as we learn more stuff from physics class, I learn that the reason we can walk on the ground but not floating on the sky is because the gravity in pull us down and the reason we can walk with our feet but not moving on the ground like a warm is because the normal force is help us fighting the gravity so we down get pull down by our.

When I have my first U.S history class, I have no idea where does U.S come from and how did it develop into a powerful country. But now, I’m able to explain what is Declaration of Independence who are ¬†funding fathers of the nation. Also, I’m able to explain what is slavery and how does that led to Civil War between the South and the North and who ended the slavery and keep the nation as one. Other than Colonial period and Slavery, I also learn how the social and economy¬†change in the U.S during different time.

And for Math, before I get to learn about Geometry, I only know Triangles are congruent if the sides and angles are equal and it will be similar if the sides are proportion and angles are congruent but after I finish a year of Geometry, I can determine whether triangles are congruent or similar and explain the reason of why it’s congruent or similar.

Last, as a reader, I’m able to reader for a longer time in high school than I’m in middle and I get to read the book that’s in higher level than I usually read in middle school and also, I could finish the test as the same time as other student and don’t need to get into the extend time like what I usually do in middle school.