Official Computer Categories


Storage: Where the computer keep it’s data.(CD/DVD; Flash drive ;HD/SSD)

Processing: What keep computer working.( Chip/Processor; Video/Graphic Card; Mother Board;RAM.)

Input and Output: How computer receive and giving information.( Keyboard/Printer; Camera/Screen; Mic/Speaker;Mouse; Scanner.)


Data: Memory of the computer.(Songs;Video/Movie;Picture;Document/File; Spreadsheet.)

Program: How computer do the work.( Code(Language);Browser, MS word; Photoshop;APPS.)

Categories of Human

Human Can Be Divided Into Two Parts,Which Is Physical and Mental.


Brain:Hold Thoughts.

Heart: Keep All Else Working.

Sense:Let Us See the World


What We Know: Knowledge,Facts and Information

Why You Doing: Emotion, Thought, Dreaming, Decision and Feeling