Official Computer Categories


Storage: Where the computer keep it’s data.(CD/DVD; Flash drive ;HD/SSD)

Processing: What keep computer working.( Chip/Processor; Video/Graphic Card; Mother Board;RAM.)

Input and Output: How computer receive and giving information.( Keyboard/Printer; Camera/Screen; Mic/Speaker;Mouse; Scanner.)


Data: Memory of the computer.(Songs;Video/Movie;Picture;Document/File; Spreadsheet.)

Program: How computer do the work.( Code(Language);Browser, MS word; Photoshop;APPS.)


One thought on “Official Computer Categories

  1. This table show the different categories of the the computer, one is hardware which is the part that you can’t touch, such as screen/camera, speaker/mic, and the other part is the software which is the part that you can’t touch such as the data in the memory and the code that tells the computer how to work.


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