Electrical vs. Electronic

Electrical:Uses electricity as power usually converting in into some other form of energy.

Electronic: Manipulates the electric currents itself to make it do useful and interesting things.

The important difference between electrical devices and electronic device is that electrical doesn’t had the computer to manipulates the electricity itself while electronic does.

Disadvantages NYC faced in switching to electronic traffic lights:

-The traffic lights is more expensive.

-It’s hard to fix. (must be some sort of programmer.)

Advantages NYC faced in switching to electronic traffic lights:

-Almost unlimited control and variation:all the setting microwave.

-Easy to make changes. (i:upload new software. ii: control from a remote location.

Yes,  New York City did the right thing by switching from electrical to electronic traffic lights because with the electronic traffic lights, it’s easier to control the traffic, you can just change it right on sight instead of walk to the traffic light and change it.