--Anatomy of the Galileo


One thought on “Anatomy

  1. In the Galileo Gen 2 , the Quark SoC X1000 processor allows Galileo to operate.The 5V Power Supply Input powers the Galileo. The USB port to computer connects the Galileo to the computer. and USB Port to device connects Galileo to a device. The Micro SD Card Reader read the Micro SD Cards. The reset button resets the Galileo which clean all command that had on the Galileo.The reboot button restart the Galileo. The 256 MB Ram keep all the memory from computer. The Ethernet Port connect the Galileo to other system it can also power the Galileo. The digital pins are either inputs or output of the board. Analog pins read analog sensors. The power pins send power to the device connected the Galileo.


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