A Song in Data

Title: Name of the song. It will be in string(including title with #).

Performer: Name of the singer. It will be in string.

Genre: Style of the music given by the programer. It will be restricted string and user have to choose. Ex: blue, classical, country,electronic,funk/soul,hip-pop,jazz,latin,pop,regae,religious,rock,R&b and other.

PrInstrument: Name of the instrument. It will be in string.

Lyrics: Integer from 0-10 based on how important it is to a song. 0 mean there is no lyrics, ex:Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. 10 mean that the song is all about the lyrics, eg:Sign of The Times by Harry Styles

Vocal: Integer from 0-10 based on the quality of the vocal. 0 mean there is no vocal, ex: My Soul by July. 10 mean the vocal is perfect, ex:The Greatest by Sia, Kendrick.

Tempo: Integer from 1-10 based on the speed of the song. 1 mean the song will be very  slow, ex:Blem by Drake. 10 mean the song is very fast Wifi Wifey by Nick Bean.

Rhythm: Integer from 0-10 based on how develop the rhythm is. 0 mean there is very basic rhythm, ex: happy birthday song. 10 mean there is a very developed rhythm, ex:  summertime by vybz kartel.

mood: How the song make you feel.It will be a restricted string provided by the programer. Ex: sad,happy,angry,in love,hearth broken,intense,soothing,inspiring,hype.

Title        Performer          Genre   PrInstrument    Lyrics    Vocal    Tempo    Rhythm Mood

Hello Adele pop piano 8 8 3 8 heartbroken HYC
Faded Alan Walker electronic synthesizer 9 9 4 5 sad HYC
Hall of Fame The Script pop drum 10 8 6 5 happy HYC
Fur Elise Ludwig van Beethoven classical piano 0 0 7 9 chill HYC
Talking to the Moon Bruno Mars pop piano 9 9 6 8 heartbroken HYC
Glad You Came The Wanted pop piano 9 9 8 8 soothing HYC
Sugar Maroon 5 pop guitar 9 9 6 8 in love HYC
Radioactive Imagine Dragons rock drum 9 9 6 8 intense HYC
Pillowtalk Zayn electronic guitar 9 5 9 sad HYC
My Soul July classical piano 0 0 5 4 sad HYC