Official Computer Categories


Storage: Where the computer keep it’s data.(CD/DVD; Flash drive ;HD/SSD)

Processing: What keep computer working.( Chip/Processor; Video/Graphic Card; Mother Board;RAM.)

Input and Output: How computer receive and giving information.( Keyboard/Printer; Camera/Screen; Mic/Speaker;Mouse; Scanner.)


Data: Memory of the computer.(Songs;Video/Movie;Picture;Document/File; Spreadsheet.)

Program: How computer do the work.( Code(Language);Browser, MS word; Photoshop;APPS.)

Categories of Human

Human Can Be Divided Into Two Parts,Which Is Physical and Mental.


Brain:Hold Thoughts.

Heart: Keep All Else Working.

Sense:Let Us See the World


What We Know: Knowledge,Facts and Information

Why You Doing: Emotion, Thought, Dreaming, Decision and Feeling

Personifying Computer Parts

Imagine a computer is a person. How would the different computer parts match up with our human parts?

If computer is a human,then:

CPU with be the heart because it’s what keep the computer work like the heart keep the human alive.

Screen will be the face because we look at the screen to see stuff and computer let us see through screen.

Speaker will be the mouth because that where the sound coming out.