After I got what happen if there is 1 match, what happen if there is no match, what happen if there are more than 1 match working. I have come down to the stage where I need to combine the front and back end. After combining the front and back end, I will do one last adjust(such as making a range fro song’s lyric,tempo,vocal and rhythm and if the last variable has no match, then going back to the previous variable until there is matches and randomly choose a match to show the user ) make my program more advance where matching a might like song for the sure.

Midpoint Status Report Pose

So far, I have finished first stage of my program. I have coded my program so that it will test the nine variable and are able to print the result for is all variable match. Also, I’m able to continue the program for if there is more than 1 matches. Other than that, I still wasn’t able to continue the program for if there is no match.

My plan to finish this program is first to find out a way to coded the program so that it could check for the next variable if the previous variable has no match. Second, I will combine the front and back end so I can test the program with actual user input.

A Song in Data

Title: Name of the song. It will be in string(including title with #).

Performer: Name of the singer. It will be in string.

Genre: Style of the music given by the programer. It will be restricted string and user have to choose. Ex: blue, classical, country,electronic,funk/soul,hip-pop,jazz,latin,pop,regae,religious,rock,R&b and other.

PrInstrument: Name of the instrument. It will be in string.

Lyrics: Integer from 0-10 based on how important it is to a song. 0 mean there is no lyrics, ex:Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. 10 mean that the song is all about the lyrics, eg:Sign of The Times by Harry Styles

Vocal: Integer from 0-10 based on the quality of the vocal. 0 mean there is no vocal, ex: My Soul by July. 10 mean the vocal is perfect, ex:The Greatest by Sia, Kendrick.

Tempo: Integer from 1-10 based on the speed of the song. 1 mean the song will be very  slow, ex:Blem by Drake. 10 mean the song is very fast Wifi Wifey by Nick Bean.

Rhythm: Integer from 0-10 based on how develop the rhythm is. 0 mean there is very basic rhythm, ex: happy birthday song. 10 mean there is a very developed rhythm, ex:  summertime by vybz kartel.

mood: How the song make you feel.It will be a restricted string provided by the programer. Ex: sad,happy,angry,in love,hearth broken,intense,soothing,inspiring,hype.

Title        Performer          Genre   PrInstrument    Lyrics    Vocal    Tempo    Rhythm Mood

Hello Adele pop piano 8 8 3 8 heartbroken HYC
Faded Alan Walker electronic synthesizer 9 9 4 5 sad HYC
Hall of Fame The Script pop drum 10 8 6 5 happy HYC
Fur Elise Ludwig van Beethoven classical piano 0 0 7 9 chill HYC
Talking to the Moon Bruno Mars pop piano 9 9 6 8 heartbroken HYC
Glad You Came The Wanted pop piano 9 9 8 8 soothing HYC
Sugar Maroon 5 pop guitar 9 9 6 8 in love HYC
Radioactive Imagine Dragons rock drum 9 9 6 8 intense HYC
Pillowtalk Zayn electronic guitar 9 5 9 sad HYC
My Soul July classical piano 0 0 5 4 sad HYC